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About Us

Goodwood Firewood has been delivering dry Seasoned* firewood to Chicago and surrounding Suburbs for over 20 years. In addition to quality firewood, we also offer select cooking woods, fruitwoods, hardwoods and all natural 100% wood lump charcoal for grilling & smoking be-it Restaurant or Residential use.

We strive to produce and deliver quality firewood and cooking wood at a competitive price with attention to service.

*Seasoned wood has been split open more than 9 months.

Our Facility

Goodwood Firewood's well stocked woodyard.

Firewood & Cooking Wood Information

About Selecting Firewood

The two most important aspects of firewood are Seasoning of Wood (Moisture Content) and Type of Hardwood (Species) or what is otherwise known as BTU Value.

Cooking Wood for Grilling & Smoking

"It's The Wood That Makes It Good!"

Goodwood Firewood provides quality seasoned cooking woods of many types to Restaurants and Residential clients throughout Chicago & Suburbs.

Zero Carbon Footprint

Burning wood releases carbon. However, wood left on the forest floor rots and it too releases carbon. So, by processing this wood as a renewable energy resource and by utilizing the BTU's for heat, we help reduce the carbon footprint of firewood to zero.

Hours of Operation - Pick-up or Delivery

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September 15 - March 15

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