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Fire Making 101

STEP 1.) Have plenty of dry Goodwood Firewood.

STEP 2.) Open flue. Check for air draft by lighting newspaper and watching smoke rise-up through flue. Some dwellings with air tight rooms may need to open a window or door 1/4" just while building the fire.

STEP 3.) Crumple 8-9 pieces of newspaper softball size. Pyramid or criss cross kindling or small split wood on top of paper in a teepee or crisscross style. (This process may take 10-15 minutes to assure kindling of fire) Good draft and air space between the logs are important for good fire. Also fan wood when it is glowing or tap wood lightly to get a flame.

Please enjoy, but remember not to leave a fire unattended without a screen, and to shut your flue after each use.

Thank You and Keep Warm,
The Wood Folks