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About Us

We have the finest selection of Oak, Cherry and White Birch to suit your firewood needs.

1/4 - 1/2 & Full Face Cords available for Pick-Up OR Delivery in the Chicagoland Area.


Firewood Mixtures

All mixtures are combined with oak that produces high BTU content, last longer, and burn hotter.

Mostly Oak
70% Oak w/ Maple, Beech-Nut, Hackberry will produce a bigger flame than just oak

Oak Fruitwood
Oak with 20 - 25% Cherry & some Maple etc.

Apple Wood
Hard & hot burning can be added to any mixture

White Birch
20% White Birch 25% Fruitwoods & mostly Oak
White Birch produces nice crackle
No Pop -Bigger Flame - Sweet Aroma like the Northwoods

100% Oak
Available for wood stoves and a 30% mixture of Hickory for a very hot fire

Bags of Firewood
Phone for price.

ALL our firewood has been aged (seasoned) 9 mo. to 1 1/2 yrs split open and dried.

 Phone for further information regarding your location.


 Fire Making 101

STEP 1.) Have plenty of dry Goodwood Firewood.

STEP 2.) Open flue. Check for air draft by lighting newspaper and watching smoke rise-up through flue. Some dwellings with air tight rooms may need to open a window or door 1/4" just while building the fire.

STEP 3.) Crumple 8-9 pieces of newspaper softball size. Pyramid or criss cross kindling or small split wood on top of paper in a teepee or crisscross style. (This process may take 10-15 minutes to assure kindling of fire) Good draft and air space between the logs are important for good fire. Also fan wood when it is glowing or tap wood lightly to get a flame.

Please enjoy, but remember not to leave a fire unattended without a screen, and to shut your flue after each use.

Thank You and Keep Warm,
The Wood Folks


About the Founder of Goodwood Firewood

 Robert Wild Goodale
a.k.a “Santa” grew up in Southern Illinois enjoying scouting, camping, hiking and fishing with plenty of firewood.

When in college even cooked and heated dwellings with wood. Leaving college in the late 70’s found himself in Chicago with a fireplace, but No Seasoned Firewood.

With a couple of friends and free firewood ( except the cutting and splitting) started processing firewood in the Wisconsin Dells. After long weekends of camping and cutting wood slowly brought to Chicago.

Using backyards, dead end alleys even under CTA tracks stocked firewood and sold it as if they did not sell it quickly, it would be stolen.

Finally the wood yards were established selling firewood late summer for the holidays and winter. After a few years of this new business, which he liked, realized to make it go year round. The Restaurants needed wood, mainly the mom and pop African American BBQ houses. No brick ovens yet. So he now could cut and immediately sell green heavy smoking woods without the stacking and watching it season.

Goodwood was the first firewood company to deliver to some of Chicago’s famous old bbq houses as we all know these long established restaurants Robinson’s, Leona’s and Joe’s who still have locations in the city and suburbs.

Sadly Santa left us in 2013. Now his brothers and daughter have made Goodwood Firewood one of the oldest Firewood companies in the Chicago and suburbs. 

Thank you for your support!